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Opin Vísindi Repository: OA concepts

This is the digital repository for peer reviewed articles published in open access by Icelandic universities

Some OA concepts

Open access: The purpose of open access is to make published, scholarly articles and other material accessible on the internet unrestricted and without charge. It is essential to notice that copyright does not change when published in open access but a greater number of people are easily able to familiarize themselves with new research results.  There are two publishing methods in open access, gold open access and green open access.

Gold open access is publishing the material in open access from the beginning, i.e. published by a journal or a party that supports open access. The cost is usually paid for by funding bodys with research funds, or paid for by the author himself. The author normally keeps the copyright rather than transferring it to the publisher as with customary publishing.

A large number of quality, peer-reviewed journals are available in open access. Information on these journals is available on the Directory of Open Access Journals.

Green open access entails the material being deposited in a special repository (e.g. Opin visindi) concurrently with publishing elsewhere. The author sends the repository a peer reviewed (final draft) post-print ready for publishing. The article is then published in the customary way in the journal chosen by the author. It can be a non-open access journal. The article can therefore be available both in open access in a repository and in closed access in the chosen journal.

It is not always permitted to publish a peer reviewed article (post-print) in a repository. Authors need to familiarize themselves with the publication policy of the journal in question. Information on the publishing policies of publishers and journals can be accessed at SherpaRomeo.

A pre-print of an article that has been accepted for publishing in a journal is the final draft of a scholarly article that the author has handed over to the publisher to be peer reviewed.

A post-print of an article is a digital version of a peer-reviewed article that has been accepted for publishing in a scientific journal, it is the final version of the article finished by the author.

A peer-reviewed published  version is an article in a PDF format as it appears in a journal.

(futher reading on pre-prints and post-prints at SherpaRomeo)

DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is a persistent identifier number assigned to electronic articles, which means they can always be found by using the doi, even if the usual URL changes.



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