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Opin Vísindi Repository: Submisson - Doctoral dissertations

This is the digital repository for peer reviewed articles published in open access by Icelandic universities

Start a new submission

Before submisson you must register to Opin Visindi (see Submission - Registration)

After login press Submisson under My Account and then press You may start a new submission.

Select appropriate Collection from the list and press Next. Because PhD dissertations don't have DOI nor WoS numbers press Next.


Enter the Author of the dissertation (please enter an ORCID ID if the author has one, see instructions) and the Advisor.

Enter Title and Date of Issue.

Select the ISBN from the list in Identifiers, enter number and press Add.

Select Doctoral Thesis from the list in Type.

Finally, select the primary language of the dissertation and click Next.

Step 2

State your affiliation. 

To enter Subject Keywords is optional.

Enter Abstract and press Add.  You can add additional abstracts if necessary, e.g. in a different language.

Press Next when all necessary boxes have been filled.

Upload and Embargo

Files should be in a PDF format.

If some articles in the dissertation have not been published yet you can close it temporarily. Fill out if necessary and enter day of publishing. Embargo can last no longer than 2 years.

Please review all information carefully and correct if neccessary.

When the terms have been accepted the dissertation will be reviewed. When approved you will receive an email and the dissertation will be published and searchable in Opin Vísindi.