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Skemman, submission of theses: Step 1

A digital repository for students´ final theses. Doctoral theses are to be submitted to the repository Opin vísindi

Step 1

Go to

Choose ​ and use the same username and password you use for Uglan.

Next you should choose Select collection to create submission in ...

Now choose the appropriate collection for your thesis. (It is very important to place your thesis in the correct collection).

​And then  


​Description of Thesis

1) Author: Name of the author, given name/names first, family name last. If there is more than one author choose 
The authors are archived in alphabetical order.

2) Title: The title of the thesis as well as the subtitle if there is one.

3) Language: Choose the appropriate language from the list.

4) Copy and paste your abstract

5) Advisors. Write the name/names of your advisor(s), if there is more than one choose  

There is no need to fill out the other windows but you are free to do so as you need! 


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