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Skemman, submission of theses: Step 2

A digital repository for students´ final theses. Doctoral theses are to be submitted to the repository Opin vísindi

Uoload your file

Here you archive your thesis in pdf format. You should preferably archive one whole copy of your thesis as well as your thesis in parts if you wish to close access to certain chapters. The whole copy of your thesis should be identical to the printed copy handed in to the department office. If the whole thesis is to be either open access or closed access you do not need to divide it into parts for separate archiving. But if certain parts are to be open and others closed you should choose closed access for the whole thesis and put the open access parts in separately.











On this page you choose whether access to your thesis should be open or closed. It is possible to choose open or closed access for a certain amount of time.

Please note.Open access means that you can download the thesis or read it online, but closed access means that you can not. If the thesis is closed but the author chooses to permit open access to part of the thesis (e.g. table of contents or bibliography) these parts must be archived separately into Skemman.

Along with the thesis you need to submit the declaration of access. Print it out, sign, and scan. The declaration must be signed to be approved. Then you can submit it with the thesis in step 2. Make sure you have the final version of the thesis before you submit it.

Uploading visual files:

Visual files should be in mp4 format. Videos should be in MPEG-4 AV format (H.264) and audio files in AAC format.

Please note that it may be difficult to upload large files to Skemman. It is advised to keep the file size below 0,5 GB. Audio files should be in mp3 format (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III).

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