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Doctoral students: Overview

Services and resources at the National and University Library

On submitting your thesis

Dissertations are required to have an ISBN number. Apply for an ISBN number from the University Library by sending an email to with the authors name and "kennitala", title of dissertation, relevant school and faculty.

Authors are also encouraged to apply for an ORCID ID

ISBN and ORCID should appear on back of the title page of the dissertation along with other relevant information.

Submit an electronic copy of the dissertation to the University’s repository Opin vísindi, see instructions.

Primary search tools
Searches different Icelandic databases e.g. Gegnir the collective catalogue of Icelandic librariesSkemman (the repository of Icelandic universities) and various journals.

The numerous databases the library subscribes to, offer more advanced search techniques. 

Is a specialized search tool which focuses on information from scholarly and peer-reviewed sources. Keep in mind that GoogleScholar's definition of "academic" is fairly broad so make sure you practice good source evaluation. 

Bottom line
For best results, use several search tools, and familiarize yourself with basic search techniques and the search interface of the database(s) you're going to use. Please contact library services if you need help    



Where to search for ...

You can find printed books and e-books which are available in Icelandic libraries in

All e-journal subscriptions and many Open access titles are listed in Find Journals.  You can browse categories, search for individual titles and articles. Most of these journals can also be found in as well as journals in print format.

Journal Articles  
When searching for journal articles on a specific subject most people start their search with GoogleScholar or 
The National and University Library has access to a number of licenced databases, general and subject specific, which offer more sophisticated search techniques that give better search results.

Dissertations and Theses  
Skemman is a digital repository that holds BA and MA final thesis written at Icelandic Universities. 

PhD dissertations from Icelandic Universities are deposited in the institutional repository Other dissertations can possibly be located in collective repositories or in those of individual universities. 

Interlibrary Loans
If the library does not have the materials you need it is possible to request an Interlibrary Loan which is fee based.