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Opin vísindi repository: Submission - Advanced cataloging

This is the digital repository for peer reviewed articles published in open access by Icelandic universities

Advanced cataloging (optional)

It´s optional to fill in the boxes discussed below, however filling them is helpful for reviewing items for publication in the Opin Visindi repository.

Authors - Look up and Add (step 1)

It is recommended that authors have a valid ORCID ID before they start their submission. If so click on Lookup & Add, find the authors name in the window and click on Add this person. If more authors are involved simply repeat this process.

If the author doesn´t have an ORCID ID, type his name in the requried field and press Add.

Describe Item (step 1)

The boxes below are filled out where revelant.  If the item has another title, e.g. in a different language, it can be placed under Other titles.

Citation should be entered as shown by publisher (how to cite) or according to relevant citation standard.

The name of a journal is entered under Journal and also under Series. In the latter box comes volume and issue, e.g. 11(2), then press Add.

Pages or number of article are entered in Scope. Under Identifiers is entered ISSN, ISBN, DOI and more. Pick as many items as you need. It is very important to enter DOI identifier.

Enter the name and number of a funder In Grant Agreement if project was sponsored by the European Research fund. Behind info:eu-repo/grantAgreement/EC/FP enter name of funder and number with a / between.

In Additional Access Rights Information the copyright is clarified e.g. Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 LicenceThis information is usually available from the publishers.

Once all necessary boxes have been filled press Next.

University / School / Department (step 2)

Enter here the affiliation of the authors (enter only affiliation with Icelandic universities)

Subject Keywords (step 2)

Enter appropriate Subject Keywords and click Add. It is possible to have multiple keywords but try to keep the number down to no more than 10.

The manager for Opin Visindi and the National and University Library of Iceland reserve the right to change keywords in accordance with The Authority File of the National and University Library.

Abstract and more (step 2)

Enter Abstract as it appears in the work and press Add.  You can add additional abstracts if necessary, e.g. in a different language.

Add Sponsors if any, funding text can often be found on the publisher's website.

In Description you can add any additional information.