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Opin vísindi repository: Submission - Upload / Review

This is the digital repository for peer reviewed articles published in open access by Icelandic universities

Upload file

Files should be in a PDF format.

It is important that the correct version of an article is deposited in the repository. Some publishers allow only pre- or post-print editions, others publisher's version. If in doubt, contact the manager.

Author's manuscript (pre-print)

Accepted manuscript (post-print)

Published peer reviewed article/paper (published version)


In case of a pre-print or post-print it´s necessary to add a front page to the file, it can be downloaded below:

Fylgiskjal f. pre-print og post-print


In some cases publishers do not allow the publishing in open access right away. Fill out if necessary and enter day of publishing. 

Embargo can last no longer than 2 years.


Please review all information carefully and correct if neccessary.